Rusty Anderson
Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist for the Sir Paul McCartney Band

Rusty who is feted for his guiter work on Paul McCartney's Driving Rain and lead guitarist for the former Beatles' Touring band, as a musical background that spins through Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning work.

If you havent heard him playing on the most recent releases by The Wallflowers, Perry Farrell's solo album, Elton John or Sinead O'Connor, you've probably swayed to works such as Santana's The Game of Love, or bopped to the surf riff he wrote and played on Livin' La Vida Loca. But it was time for his own album - and Undressing Underwater is the powerful result. "I've been writing songs for a long time," said Anderson "As they stack up, I figured they should be recorded and put out there. If I'm ever going to do a solo record, I might as well do one now."

The Southern California native began playing guitar at age eight.

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